Joint policy recommendations for climate adaptation in European coastal cities

An outcome of the SCORE international workshop

The SCORE international workshop, held in Barcelona during the Open Living Lab Days, gathered ten living labs, including eight SCORE Coastal City Living Labs, to share their experiences and successes. As an outcome of the discussions, a policy brief was produced. It highlights the most important policy recommendations from each of the ten living labs based on years of research, experimentation, and collaboration, in order to build sustainable and resilience cities/regions across Europe.

The aim of the event was to find interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional, and effective solutions for coastal cities while ensuring stakeholder and community engagement. The replicability of solutions and specific tools is a major challenge as climate adaptation is usually very context-specific, yet all the recommendations proposed in this policy brief were developed for an implementation in a wide range of cities facing climate change risks.

The policy statements are divided into 3 categories: Blue Economy, Addressing Climate risks, and Co-Creation and citizen engagement.


Do not hesitate to share this policy brief with all the stakeholders that may be interested in the climate adaptation of coastal cities!

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