Webinar – The SCORE Digital Twin: the application of smart technologies against climate change

This webinar is the 7th episode in the SCORE webinar series!


SCORE Webinar #7: The SCORE Digital Twin: the application of smart technologies against climate change


The SCORE project is developing a GIS-Based Early Warning Support and Digital Twin Platform aiming to offer a virtual environment in which various climate change scenarios and actions may be visualized and optimal solutions discovered. The Platform will assist local and national governance in collaborative resilience management strategies, considering demographics, water supply, climate and land use changes, adaptation measures and coastal ecosystem services.

This webinar will focus on the SCORE’s early warning system and digital twin approach to tackle climate change. Experts from the SCORE project will explain what is a digital twin, why it has been adopted in SCORE, how the system is structured, which are the possible operations, which are the inputs and outputs. We will also show practical exemples, including a mini-demo on what can be visualised on the interface and how can a simulation be set up. 

Date & Time

Friday, 5 April 2024, from 11:00am to 12:00 pm (CEST)


¹ The USE subsystem is meant to be employed for running simulations enabling what-if and long-term analyses on scenarios built by users as a mixture of real, ground-truth data from the coastal city, and hypothetical data, e.g., regarding weather events, sea state, and EBA solutions implemented within the urban study area. 

² The EWS subsystem is intended to run continuously without inputs from the users, since it has to monitor the current weather situation. By leveraging on real-time data from sensors distributed over the study area and on weather forecasts, it can make projections on the urban flood risk and raise alerts, if needed. 


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