SCORE is built on 11 Work Packages conducted over 4 phases:

Empathise & Define

Identification of the needs & barriers of all involved stakeholders concerning the climate resilience problems they are facing, and for which the 'solutions' will be developed and tested.

ideate & co-design

Stakeholders are brought together to co-create the solution. This phase continues in an iterative way until all involved stakeholders are happy with the so-called MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

prototype & pilot

The MVP is placed in real life settings within the relevant CCLLs. Small local pilots will be conducted to test if the solution is responding to all stakeholder needs.

test & evaluate

The solution is tested by a larger feedback group and the impact of the solutions is being evaluated.

WP 1

Mapping the baseline exposure and risk of extreme climate impacts on coastal cities

WP 2

Coastal City Living Labs Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

WP 3

Regional and Local Projections, Analyses, Modelling and Uncertainties

WP 4

CCLL co-warning and co-monitoring

WP 5

Pre/post-EBA Interventions Evidence Collection and Knowledge Marketplace

WP 6

Strategies to increase the financial resilience of coastal cities

WP 7

Socio-economic assessment of adaptation strategies and policy recommendations

WP 8

Development of integrated early warning support and spatial digital twin solution prototypes

WP 9

Dissemination, communication, exploitation

WP 10

Coordination and management

WP 11

Ethics requirements