The overall aim of SCORE is to design, develop, monitor and validate robust adaptation measures in coastal and low-lying areas to protect them from increasing climate and sea level risks, including coastal flooding and erosion, to enhance their overall long-term resilience.

SCORE is built around 7 specific objectives to address gaps in knowledge, innovation, social acceptance, market opportunity, financing and policy:

objective 1

Design, implement, and evaluate a novel Coastal City Living Lab framework for 10 coastal cities, integrating Ecosystem-Based Approaches with smart technologies to enhance climate change adaptation and resilience.

objective 2

Integrate knowledge about EBA efficacy against extreme events, sea level rise and coastal erosion risks.

objective 3

Improve the social acceptance of EBA based implementation as part of the coastal management solutions.

objective 4

Develop digital twin solution to smart instant monitoring and control of climate resilience.

objective 5

Develop, pilot, and demonstrate a smart city early warning system for extreme events.

objective 6

Strengthen the financial resilience strategies in local and national policies and integrated coastal management plans.


Enhance market uptake of EBA as effective solutions for coastal adaptations to climate change.