Tools & Platforms

Ecosystem-based Adaptation catalogue

With the SCORE’s Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) catalogue, we invite you to explore EbA measures to address climate change hazards (e.g., sea-level rise, flooding, coastal erosion, storm surge) in urban and natural coastal areas.

Thanks to the Case Study Map Tour, you may explore different EbA options by selecting a pinpoint and reading the description, objectives, benefits, and the picture related to the selected measure. Additionally, this tool allows to apply filters related to climate hazards and/or land typology and learn more about the suitable alternative options. An interactive map provides a global view of the case study locations illustrating deployed EbA.

Co-creation toolkit

Co-Creation is one of the core concepts of the Coastal City Living Labs framework developed within the SCORE project.

This co-creation toolkit is being used by the SCORE’s CCLLs to engage their stakeholders and support the development of sustainable living labs. It gathers a collection of tools for engaging stakeholders in co-creation in interactive, engaging, and attractive ways.

Co-create your city: How To video
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SCORE ICT Platform (SIP)

The SIP will be the marketplace for data exchange among project partners and will be used to showcase the results to stakeholders, scientists and citizens. Authorized users (i.e., partners and selected stakeholders), will be able to both contribute and use the SCORE SIP, while the general public (scientific community, institutions, associations and private citizens) could use the SIP to learn how to co-create and co-design EBA solutions to increase climate resilience in European coastal cities.

Low-cost sensors catalogue

This is an online platform developed to assist CCLLs in planning, selecting and deploying the sensing technologies included in the catalogue. The platform functions similarly to an online shop for CCLL members to fill a ‘basket’ with selected sensors based on criteria such as cost, technical expertise required, parameters monitored, assembly difficulty, etc. Sensing technologies will be chosen by citizens, associations and other stakeholders in each CCLL with the help of the SCORE technological partners to better fit the local needs of each community.

SCORE Community Geosurveys

The SCORE Community Geosurveys empowers local communities and stakeholders of our Coastal City Living Labs to actively participate in urban environmental monitoring by collecting spatially distributed observations, ground-level data, and geotagged media focusing on local concerns, common interests, or identified data gaps crucial for their communities and local organizations.

This participatory mapping platform facilitates the co-creation of data and local knowledge, engaging citizens in urban coastal sustainability efforts and discussions. It also enables place-based, data-driven dialogues within communities to better manage their places and resources.

The platform allows users to design their unique maps with customizable questionnaires and survey configurations, supporting the gathering of various types of data and content. It also offers diverse methods for community engagement and social interaction, including commenting, supporting or voting, and social sharing.