Policy Brief: When will a 2-meter rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?

SCORE, together with the CoCliCo and PROTECT projects, prepared a policy brief entitled “When will a 2-meter rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?“.

A 2-meter sea-level rise is almost inevitable, only the timing remains uncertain, and will strongly impact European coastlines. Europe and National States recognise that coastal adaptation is an on-going process that involves short-term actions, long-term planning and strategic thinking.

Three actions are urgently needed to limit losses, damages, and lock-ins:

  • Massive and immediate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Engagement in adaptation for sea-level rise
  • Support science and climate service development

The key message is: “The climate is warming quickly, sea-level rise is accelerating and coastal adaptation takes time. We must start now.”

Read the full policy brief.

This policy brief was presented on 7 November 2022 at the COP 27 session “IPCC Projections & Planning for Extreme Sea Level Rise Risk”. It was also presented during a webinar of the PROTECT project, you can watch the recording on YouTube.