Scientometric review on multiple climate-related hazards indices

SCORE project partners from UCC have published a paper in the Science of The Total Environment. It is available in open access


As the spectre of climate change looms large, there is an increasing imperative to develop comprehensive risk assessment tools. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the evolution and current state of research on multi-hazard indices associated with climate-related hazards, highlighting their crucial role in effective risk assessment amidst the growing challenges of climate change. A notable gap in cross-regional comparative studies persists, presenting an opportunity for future research to enhance global understanding and foster universal resilience strategies. However, a significant surge in research output is apparent, following key global milestones related to climate change action. The research landscape is shown to be highly responsive to international policy developments, increasingly adopting interdisciplinary approaches that integrate physical, social, and technological dimensions. Findings reveal a robust emphasis on geospatial analysis and the development of various indices that transform abstract climate risks into actionable data, underscoring a trend towards localized, context-specific vulnerability assessments. Based on a dataset systematically curated under the PRISMA guidelines, the review explores how prevailing research themes are reflected in influential journals and author networks, mapping out a dynamic and expanding academic community. Moreover, this work provides critical insights into the underlying literature by conducting a thematic analysis on the typology of studies, the focus on coastal areas, the inclusion of climate change scenarios, the geographical coverage, and the types of climate-related hazards. The practical implications of this review are profound, providing policymakers and practitioners with meaningful insights to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts through the application of index-based methodologies. By charting a course for future scholarly endeavours, this article aims to strengthen the scientific foundations supporting resilient and adaptive strategies for regions worldwide facing the multifaceted impacts of climate change.


Title: Scientometric review on multiple climate-related hazards indices

Authors: Emilio Laino, Roberta Paranunzio, Gregorio Iglesias

Cite as: Laino, E., Paranunzio, R., & Iglesias, G. (2024). Scientometric review on multiple climate-related hazards indices. Science of the Total Environment, 945, 174004.


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