Nourishment or maintenance. Are they the solution to coastal erosion? Case study Poniente Beach (Benidorm)

SCORE project partners from the University of Alicante presented a paper at the XVI Jornadas españolas de ingeniería de Costas y Puertos. It is available in open access


Coastal erosion is a natural phenomenon that is becoming a growing problem along coastlines around the world. In this research, the evolution of Poniente Beach, Benidorm (Spain), has been studied, which presents a different morphological behaviour depending on the area analysed. To do this, an analysis of shoreline evolution using aerial images has been carried out first. And, secondly, waves and incident storms have been studied. From the results obtained, the eastern zone of Poniente presents higher rates of erosion than the western zone, where in addition to a cross-shoretransport, a longshore transport of sediments is detected. This erosive trend disappeared in the last analysed period due to a change in the wave regime. A decrease in the frequency of waves coming from the east caused a decrease in erosion and stopped the tilting produced on the beach. In this situation, it is necessary to decide what solution to apply: carry out a nourishment similar to that of 1991 or make periodic maintenance of the beach? The accurate knowledge of the mentioned factors will provide adequate tools for its future management.


Title: Regeneración o mantenimiento. ¿Son la solución a la erosión costera?: Caso de estudio Playa de Poniente (Benidorm)

Authors: Ignacio Toledo, José Ignacio Pagán, Isabel López, and Luis Aragonés

Cite as: Toledo, Ignacio, José Ignacio Pagán, Isabel López, and Luis Aragonés. ‘Regeneración o mantenimiento. ¿son la solución a la erosión costera?: caso de estudio playa de poniente (benidorm)’. In XVI jornadas españolas de ingeniería de costas y puertos, 264–72. Valencia, Spain: Zenodo, 2024.


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