The SCORE Co-Creation toolkit is now available

The SCORE team at IHS has created a toolkit for co-creation that is now available in open-source. The toolkit gathers a collection of tools for engaging stakeholders in co-creation in interactive, engaging, and attractive ways.

Co-creation is at the core of SCORE

Co-Creation is one of the core concepts of the Coastal City Living Labs framework developed within the SCORE project. A Coastal City Living Lab (CCLL) is an innovation intermediary, which orchestrates an ecosystem of actors in a specific region to tackle specific climate-related challenges related to sea level rise, coastal erosion and extreme events. In the case of SCORE, co-creation is the outcome of the process where different knowledge, values and expertise evolve to build a consistent and sustainable CCLL.

This co-creation toolkit is being used by the SCORE’s CCLLs to engage their stakeholders and support the development of sustainable living labs. It is part of the work carried out in Work Package 2 on “CCLL design, implementation, and evaluation”.

Register for our webinar on co-creation

For more information about the SCORE’s co-creation process and tools, a webinar will be held on 8 February 2023. You can find more information and register here.