Education with sustainability Conference in Sligo

The SCORE project was presented at the Education with Sustainability Conference in Sligo, Ireland, from 15  to 17 August. This conference addressed the challenges and opportunities for educators to weave sustainability into all aspects of the curriculum.

On 16 August, as part of the conference, our ATU Sligo partners, Iulia Anton, Tasneem Ahmed, Khurram Riaz and Ananya Tiwari, lead a workshop about the SCORE project.

The team presented different tasks that will be carried out by the SCORE project and used games to introduce important concepts and discuss them with the participants. These were some of the activities during the workshop:

  • A presentation of Citizen science and how it can be taught and integrated into sustainability projects;
  • A user story game to introduce the concepts of Early-warning systems and Digital twins;
  • A simulation game where participants received the profile of a coastal zone and had to select Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) solutions together with some economical activities while avoiding conflicts between the two;
  • A discussion on MOOC development, and more specifically the ones that will be prepared for the SCORE project.

An important objective of the workshop was to promote the integration of such concepts and activities within other sustainability projects.

This conference was hosted by ATU Sligo and Mid Sweden University. More information on this event can be found here.