SCORE CCLLs workshops – Read our travel blog!

The SCORE consortium is organising a series of 3-day workshops in the 10 CCLLs, following the calendar below:

  • March 9-11 in Orsoaldea, Spain
  • March 14-16 in Sligo, Ireland
  • March 21-23 in Dublin, Ireland
  • March 30 – April 1 in Benidorm, Spain
  • April 4-6 in Piran, Slovenia
  • April 20-22 in Massa, Italy
  • April 27-29 in Oeiras, Portugal
  • May 16-18 in Barcelona, Spain
  • May 23-25 in Samsun, Turkey
  • October 2022 TBC- Gdansk, Poland

This first series of workshops will be mainly attended by SCORE partners, especially the teams responsible for the different CCLLs, but external stakeholders will be invited to specific sessions.
The aim of these events is to define the framework of each CCLL. On the first day we will work on the problem definition of each CCLL; on the second day objectives, barriers and stakeholders will be identified; on the last day we will agree on the strategy that we will follow during the project to develop the CCLL.

The workshops will end with a commitment agreement that opens the door to the next steps.


🧳Our colleagues at IHS, NAIDER and ENoLL are on the road, visiting all 10 coastal city living labs!
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